The Silencer


The heart was throbbing,

her fists clenched,

her skin had paled,

– eyes shut,

in the split of a second,

the pain was all gone.

The five present souls had lessened by one,

the deafening silence was second to none,

a ground well set since the truce begun

no tears nor words would cause your return,

the beginning of a new journey,

the only words we spoke

were the tears that flowed

a story untold

Our hearts ache, and we bleed inside

In our minds now, do you, reside

We cry for our moments of despair

Awake, yet we weep for ours, our fair share

Of this moment, we are aware

For the inevitable, we fail to prepare

For our loved ones, we beg for one more hour

Time, pause. Life, stop.

For these you have the power.

So would you respond? The silencer!

Alli-Oluwafuyi Monsurah

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