Home Sweet Home


Home seems rather far away

You feel sad and alone

No hugs, only kisses through the phone

True how blood is thicker than water

Your smile stays surreptitious, you share with no other

Your home you desire, come what may

Home seems rather far away,

I know exactly how you feel, young boy

Nothing can replace the love, too old for a toy

You miss your ancestors, especially mom

and long for play days with little Tom

Your ears are deaf to what all and sundry say.

Home seems rather far away,

Sister, we all think life isn’t fair

We’ve all had our moments, in sadness and despair

You think you have it worse, living like hell

Do we gladden and rejoice, pray tell?

In God we trust, He’ll make a way.

Home seems rather far away,

I imagine how hard you work,

Leaving your house at 4, everyday

Only to be censured by your somewhat giddy boss

You’re thinking it’s finally stopped – the clock

You smile at the oceans, hoping for the deadly toss

The Silencer is at your doorstep, but him do you fear

It’s been very hard, but you would rather stay

Home seems so far away,

Yet home is very near.

Alli-Oluwafuyi Monsurah

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