Chibok Tribute

Listen here:  Chibok Tribute

Tribute to the Lost Ones.

Another Tally to the Strokes,

As each day unfolds.

To the stories we are yet to be told and

The hands they are yet to hold.


Another sensational act In the beginning,

Celebrities ‘walking’ and ‘protesting’.

The Hashtag gaining world popularity,

Instagram Pages filled with Placards of #BBOG.


But i ‘give’ on the ‘activism’, not to #BringBackOurGirls,

but to ignite our conscience,

if we have any left in us.


My first words are for you,

the ‘overnight social activist’.

To the one with the loudest voice,

screaming that Our Girls Be Brought Back!


To the one who is ready to lambast

And lash anyone and everyone,

who chose to go about their normal lives,

selling t-shirts and used phones via Twitter,

instead of showing solidarity to the movement.


To the one who hauls insults

And abuses anyone that dares to say,

that “this is probably a game of chess between our leaders,

and we are but the pawns”.


Oh! I do not criticize your efforts;

neither do I revere you for your choice of action.

But I’d like to know,

Is it in the power of the number or the weight of the menace?


Would there be a protest if 300 or more girls were kidnapped individually,

from different schools,

at different times?



Would we decide to leave our offices

and gather at parks to clamour for the release of one girl child?

(But we SHOULD!)


How do you convince a woman out there

whose young daughter,

who had just gained admission into the University,

who is supposed to be the apple of the eyes of her family,

and who on a dreadful morning,

was gunned down by a stray bullet,

to join in a walk for life, because oh,

great is the number?

That police man is a free man today!


Have we taken the time to count them all together?

Maybe if I could view your claims through your lens,

I’ll give a different judgement.

Maybe if I heard your story, and is similar to mine,

I’ll learn to walk in your ‘red-sole’ shoes.


What exactly are these girls coming back to?

Insecurity and Poverty?

Inhumanity in this Valueless society?

Hopelessness born by Avaricious leaders?


I want them back and I cry for their return.

But how much of life are we willing as much as we are able to give these little ones?

How much of an audience are we willing to give

to the cries of the poor and the vulnerable

and the girl child (who wasn’t kidnapped but is) in need?



Yet we hope and pray.

That soon or one day.

We will see these beautiful faces

The beautiful ones that have already been born,

that their words will mean something to us,

however different their languages are,

and that they will feel the warmth of those they once shared with.


But I’m straying.

Straying from your beautiful words

of ‘no place like home’.

And I am relocating,

Relocating to reality, that,

there will be no place like home,

 if there ever was a home.’

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